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How to make Marquee through HTML ?

Marquee is Scrolling Text, which Attracts the Website Visitors. To make scrolling Text You only have to write a code in Notepad program and then you have to save the page as (.htm) or (.html)
For Example Dhaval.htm or Dhaval.html

<marquee> This is for your Fun</marquee>
<marquee direction = "up"> This is for your Fun </marquee>
<marquee direction = "down"> This is for your Fun </marquee>
<marquee direction = "left"> This is for your Fun </marquee>
<marquee direction = "right"> This is for your Fun </marquee>

try above given code and enjoy this tip
HTML is Language to make Web pages, you don't require any special software to make website through HTML. You will require Notepad program to make HTML based web pages.

How to Apply Formula to Get current balance

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

How to Separates Unique Records in MS Excel ?

Some time we have Long List, and we have some common Words. If we want to separates some common words in New column we have to use Advanced Filter.
Step-1 Write the names in sheet
Step-2 Click Data Menu and Click on Filter then Click on Advance Filter.
Step-3 Select "Copy to Another Location"
Step-4 Give the List range by Selecting A2 to A10
Step-5 Click Copy to and give range B2
Step-6 Check Unique records only. Click OK and see the Result
You will see Unique List.

How to Use "IF" Formula in Excel

Here i have described formula by A Simple Example

Common Formulas of MS Excel

Watch This Video, Video Developed by Meety Lab