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How to Get Website Codes ?

that is very easy to get codes for particular web page. you just have to right click on the web page and then have to press "View Source" command. you will see code of  the page. the Browser will be good teacher to teach how to describe a web page.

How to Get On Screen Keyboard

You can easily open on screen keyboard. Click Start >> Press Run >> Type "OSK" and hit enter. within a moment you will see on screen keyboard

How to Convert Line to Capital letters ?

with ms word program you can convert words in to capital letter. suppose you have written the Line in normal letter. and you feel that i should have write this Line in capital. You don't have to re write your Line, just select a line or paragraph and go to Format menu and click on change case, select UPPER CASE and click ok. you will see the selected Line or paragraph has been changed to Uppercase.

How to Use Google in smart way

01. Removes phrase from Search Term. "Titanic-book" is the search term which searches about "titanic" and not will search about "book"

02. Search a particular file type. "math filetype:pdf" it searches only for pdf files having word "math"

03. Search in particular site. "html" this term will search for "html" in a site named "w3schools"

How to get Day name In Excel ?

Suppose you have written date, and you need to know Day of that particular date.
Write Formula as under :-
1.Write date in Cell no A1
2.Type this code in Cell no A2
= TEXT(A1, "dddd")
3. Press Enter after adding this Formula and Get Result.