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How to Save Mobile Battery ?

Here are the tips and tricks to save your mobile battery power. and to have a long time battery
Tip-01. Keep Less Brightness Display settings
Tip-02. Avoid to Swith off your mobile again and again (:-)
Tip-03. Keep Turn off unwanted applications and programs in your Mobile
Tip-04. Remember to turn off the Blue tooth when you are not using it.

Read and Hear PDF e-Books

If you have Adobe acrobat reader software and you want to read and Hear PDF e-book File Just you will have to open a pdf format file and follow the instructions as under

Step-1. open a pdf e-book which you would like to read and hear.
Step-2. Turn On your Sound / Speaker
Step-3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + V to read and hear the current page only
Step-4. Press CTRL + SHIFT + B to read and hear Whole the document

Magic with MS Word Program

Today we have fun,. I have made video in my meety lab. this video will show you a magic. you try it, after watching this video

How to make Search Engine using own name ?

You can create Search Engine using your own name. go to the site
Click here
Enter your name here
and press create my search page.
Now your search engine is ready

Safe Browsing Issue....

Browser Pop up can damage your Windows System. Please use Mozilla Firefox Browser. We Suggest you good - - Dhaval's Meety Lab.
also remember that Do Not Share your Password with others.
Have SAFE Browsing.................