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How can I insert New Rupee symbol in MS Word File ?

Here is a draw of Indian rupee symbol, in past we used to use Rs. Instead of it. This symbol is invented by D.Uday Kumar. If you want to insert New rupee symbol in MS word file, you have to download font “Rupee Foradian” Download font Click Here  After download of this font, you have to install it in windows font Directory. Click Start button, following that,Click Run button, Type fonts in run dialog box and hit enter, you may see installed fonts here, just copy the downloaded Rupee Foradian  font and paste it in fonts directory.After installing that font, start ms word program and choose Rupee Foradian font from the font dropdown menu and type “   `    “ see...Key above the TAB button.

How to Convert Word file into PDF ?

You can convert ms word file, notepad text file, word pad file into PDF Format (e-book format) only you have to download a software.Click Here to download the software.After downloading this software your next step is to install it. Open a word file which you want to convert into PDF (e-book format) just click File Menu - Click Print - Choose doPdf printer and print it. you have done. Publisher of the Software- Softland. File name-dopdf-7.

How to restore to Factory Settings of NOKIA mobile ?

If you use NOKIA brand mobile.If you face any software related problem, then you can solve the problem yourself. no need to get it repair with mechanic. you can restore factory settings in nokia mobile just you have to dial this keywords.
This trick erase all previous settings and set it to default. so you are requested to remove your memory card before performing this trick on your mobile phone. this trick is useful only when nokia phone don't work properly.

How to Protect Excel Sheet ?

You want other user can read your content of MS Excel Work sheet, but you want to refuse them to change, modify any graphics, text, etc. it is possible in MS Excel, other user can not change anything without your permission or password. they can still enjoy your file content
Step 1- Open the Excel File (which you want to protect from others to change)
Step 2- Go to Tools menu
Step 3- Click Protection
Step 4- Click Protect Sheet
Step 5- Give password on "protect sheet" dialog box
Step 6- Press OK button & Save the File

How to convert MS Excel File into Photo Format ?

Yes, it is true. you can convert ms excel sheet into JPEG / GIF / BMP Photo Format, and use any where the saved image.
Step 1: Open the MS Excel Sheet (Which file you would like to convert into photo format)
Step 2: Your Text, Chart, Drawings, etc will be converted into photo format
Step 3: Press "Print Sc Sys Rq" (PSC) button from your key board which is located on the top of the Cursor Keys See Drawing...
Step 4: Your Screen has been now copied
Step 5: Click start- Programs -Accessories-paint
Step 6: Paste the copied content by pressing CTRL + V button. OR Click Edit menu - Click Paste button in the Paint Program
Step 7: Crop unnecessary content, and save your file as BMP (Bitmap image) OR JPEG image OR GIF Image
Step 8: Use your image any where like in orkut, facebook, Twitter, or on your Blog