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How To Know What is my IP Address ?

To know what is your IP Address, follow these steps.
Step 01 Connect to the Internet
Step 02 Click Start button, following that, click Run
Step 03 Type CMD in Run dialog box and hit Enter
Step 04 Type IPCONFIG and wait for few seconds
Step 05 Hit Enter...
Step 05 Type EXIT to close command prompt

How to make own Font without using any software ?

To make your own font, you don't need any software
Step 01 Click Start button, then Click Run
Step 02 Type EUDCEDIT  in the Run dialog box
Step 03 Hit Enter
You will see Private Character Editor Tool
Make your own font or Modify the exciting...

How to set Password to any folder ?

You want to Protect your all files, you don't need any special software for it
Step 01 Go to the My Computer
Step 02 Double click the Local Drive
Step 03 Right click in the empty area of the window
Step 04 Click New
Step 05 Click Compressed Folder
Step 06 Copy-paste the important files in it
Step 07 Right click that compressed Folder and Add Password to it.

How to Shut Down FAST your P.C ?

Suppose you have no time to shut down your computer
here is trick to shutdown your PC fast.

Method 1.
PRESS WinKey + PRESS U+  PRESS U on the Keyboard
good command over keyboard should be their to perform it

Method 2
Go to the Desktop
Press ALT + Press F4
Choose Shut down

How to Know Site is secuer or not ?

How can you know the site is safe and secure for online transaction ?
generally sites load http:// and Secure Sites load https://
See in Browser Addressbar
Banking Site Must be secure for online Credit card and other Transactions.