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How to set Single Click to open any folder ?

You can open any file or folder by clicking single, instead of double clicking over it. you have to set it from control panel.
Step 1: Click START Button
Step 2: Click on Settings
Step 3: Click Control Panel
Step 4: Click on Folder Options
Step 5: on General Tab, Check 'Single-click to open an item (point to select)'

How to Know IMEI Number in Any Mobile ?

It is very necessary to have valid IMEI number in your mobile to work SIM Card, many time you have to show your mobile IMEI number, but many people doesn't know how to find out mobile's IMEI number. You should check it before buying or selling a Mobile.
In your Mobile
PRESS *      PRESS #        PRESS 0      PRESS 6         PRESS #

In short Press *#06#

How To Make Folder without Name ?

You can make a new folder without giving name to it. you have to follow these steps
Step 01: Make New Folder
Step 02: Hold down the ALT key Press 255U
(hold down ALT key, Press 2, Press 5, Press 5, Press U)
Now you have new folder with NO name.

How to type fast any Website URL address ?

You don't have to type whole URL, means suppose you want to access then just type GOOGLE in address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to access the any url from any web browser.

How to get NOKIA Phone Details ?

You can get your NOKIA Branded phone details, you have to follow these steps


IN SHORT *0000# (Applicable in NOKIA phones only)