How to convert MS Excel File into Photo Format ?

Yes, it is true. you can convert ms excel sheet into JPEG / GIF / BMP Photo Format, and use any where the saved image.
Step 1: Open the MS Excel Sheet (Which file you would like to convert into photo format)
Step 2: Your Text, Chart, Drawings, etc will be converted into photo format
Step 3: Press "Print Sc Sys Rq" (PSC) button from your key board which is located on the top of the Cursor Keys See Drawing...
Step 4: Your Screen has been now copied
Step 5: Click start- Programs -Accessories-paint
Step 6: Paste the copied content by pressing CTRL + V button. OR Click Edit menu - Click Paste button in the Paint Program
Step 7: Crop unnecessary content, and save your file as BMP (Bitmap image) OR JPEG image OR GIF Image
Step 8: Use your image any where like in orkut, facebook, Twitter, or on your Blog


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