Print What ever you want...

here is the site which helps to print selected content of the web page. by using this website you can remove ads before printing a web page. you can also remove images if you don't want.and save ink as well as paper too.

How to make Simple Diary

You can make a simple diary using notepad. you only have to follow these steps

Step 1 Open the Notepad
Step 2 Write .LOG in starting of notepad file
Step 3 Save it as Diary and Close it.

Now when ever you open "diary" File it presents Current date and Time.
You write your notes day by day below the print of date and time.

Some Excel 2003 Shortcuts List

Press CTRL + SHIFT + F to choose font name
Press SHIFT + SPACEBAR to select current row
Press CTRL + '+' to insert row.
Press CTRL + SPACEBAR to select current column
Press CTRL + '-' to delete column
Press CTRL + '=' to insert sum formula
Press CTRL + Home to go at first cell of the document
Press CTRL + End to go at last cell of the document.
Press CTRL + Semicolon to insert date in cell

How to Quick access your Excel Files in MS Excel ?

Here is the best shortcut tip. you don't have to remember file name which one you last opened. it shows in end of File menu. in excel 2003. you just go to Tools >> Options >> General Tab >> "recently used file list" here you change at maximum 9 sheet list.

How to change Default number of sheet in new Excel Workbook ?

Here is  annoying thing. when you start or open new workbook, we can see three work sheet in new workbook. suppose you need only one sheet when you start new workbook, you have to go tools menu >> Options >> General Tab >> "Sheet in new workbook" . change number here 3 to only 1 sheet. that's it.

How to make Marquee through HTML ?

Marquee is Scrolling Text, which Attracts the Website Visitors. To make scrolling Text You only have to write a code in Notepad program and then you have to save the page as (.htm) or (.html)
For Example Dhaval.htm or Dhaval.html

<marquee> This is for your Fun</marquee>
<marquee direction = "up"> This is for your Fun </marquee>
<marquee direction = "down"> This is for your Fun </marquee>
<marquee direction = "left"> This is for your Fun </marquee>
<marquee direction = "right"> This is for your Fun </marquee>

try above given code and enjoy this tip
HTML is Language to make Web pages, you don't require any special software to make website through HTML. You will require Notepad program to make HTML based web pages.

How to Apply Formula to Get current balance

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4